Transduction Literacies

Jentery Sayers | University of Victoria | @jenterysayers
"Making Writing in Third Spaces" | MLA 2015 | 10 January 2015

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The Programmability of Tactile Media
What Is Transduction Literacy? (with an example)
Implications for Research and Writing Studies

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But Wait...

Third Space = Maker Lab in the Humanities
Research Labs Are Not Usually Associated with Writing
But the Maker Lab Is in Many Ways Built on Writing

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The Lab is supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation + the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

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To What Effects?

MAKE Brand Hobbyism (see Hertz)
"Withdrawn" Objects (see Bridle)
Seeing Like a Machine (see Bridle again)
Glitch Fetish (see Nakamura)

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With What Responses?

Glitches Are Actually Features (see Menkman)
Media Are Executable Culture (see Galloway)
Code Is Neither Cure Nor Source (see Chun)
There's Resistance in the Materials (see Nowviskie)

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Transduction Literacy

Knowledge of How This Material Becomes That One (see Fuller)
Mediation over Media | Change instead of Still (see Vitanza and Kuhn)
Resonates with Procedural Literacy (see Vee and Rieder)
Tacit Knowledge + Trial and Error

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and, both, at once

Analog and Digital
Print and Electronic
Bodies and Data
Legible and Opaque
Individuation and Network
Remembering and Forgetting

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An Example

"Circuit Bending Videogame Consoles
as a Form of Applied Media Studies"

Nina Belojevic, NANO (2014), Issue 5

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Article Overview

An Inquiry into Platforms via an Evocative Object
Supported by Media + Labor + Feminist Studies Research
Claim: The Production of Game Consoles Largely Ignored
Written in HTML, JPG, MP4, Circuits, and Hardware

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Instances of Transduction

How Platform Attention Becomes Screen Attention
How Embodied Labor There Becomes Play Here
How Parts Become Commodity Becomes Waste
How Material Becomes Immaterial Becomes Material
--- Playable Glitch Foregrounds Unperceived Change ---

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"Following Cynthia Selfe (2010), I would argue that it is crucial that we commit to expanding our disciplinary commitment to the theorizing, researching, and improvement of written discourse to include other representational systems and ways of making meaning." Shipka 2011

Expanding Writing

Technical Writing Is Not Just Documentation
Critical Writing Is Not Just Reflection
Creative Writing Is Not Just Individual Expression

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Other Definitions

Technical Writing Is Historical Inquiry
Critical Writing Is Actionable Practice
Creative Writing Is Platform Design

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Some Implications

Writing between Bits and Atoms
From Process Reflection to Executable Culture
From Read-and-Repeat Model to Evocation
Point Digital Humanities to Writing Studies
Example Projects @UVic: DHum 350, English 507,
+ Kits for Cultural History

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Say to Students:

"What You Already Know
Is Enough"

(See Henry)

Thank You

Jentery Sayers | U. of Victoria | @jenterysayers | MLA 2015

Special thanks to Bonnie Lenore Kyburz, Laurie Gries,
Brian Harmon, and Byron Hawk

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