Critical Making:
Where Are the Politics?

Jentery Sayers | University of Victoria | @jenterysayers

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The Maker Lab

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Kits for Cultural History

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Maker Culture

Favors the Apolitical
A Privileged Form of Hobbyism
Generally Ignorant of Material/Social History
Lends Itself to Casualized Labor

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Three Areas to Consider

The Politics of Computer Vision
The Politics of Hardware
The Politics of Community Space

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Seattle Attic, Double Union,
Free Geek, and Machine Project

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"What if what we knew already was enough?"
-- Liz Henry, for Model View Culture

How is making embodied? Under what conditions?
Who gets to make? Who has to work?
How do we organize around shared concerns?
How do we argue about tech through tech?
In the humanities, what are the limits of reflection?

Thank You

Jentery Sayers | University of Victoria | @jenterysayers

Special thanks to Roger Whitson