English 508 @UVic

Digital Studies | Prototyping Texts

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This seminar is project-based, meaning you will iteratively develop your own research in response to a series of prompts. You will periodically share this research with me and your peers, present it at the semester’s end, and integrate it into a scholarly portfolio of your work.

Each of our seminar meetings will usually involve the following:

Workshop: For up to two hours, we will collectively experiment with a particular technique for altering texts. Between meetings, you will be asked to apply what you learned during these workshops.
Seminar Discussion: For up to an hour, we will chat as a group about the workshop and/or readings. During these discussions, I may decide to listen, without much (if any) intervention in the conversation. I may also decide to briefly lecture about a given topic.

You should arrive to each meeting having read the assigned texts and completed the assigned exercises, all which are listed in the course outline.